How to Set Up Messages in QuickBooks Online

Let see what is the importance of setting of the message to Set Up Messages in QuickBooks Online.

When we Send sales or invoice report to our customer then it takes little time to create a personalized message.
& that Message will appear on the sales and invoice receipt that we have send to customers.

Main Intention of creating personalized message is:

(A) To show your customers how much you appreciate them.
(B) To also give them additional information about payments.In case of need  follow QuickBooks Support 

Now see step by step procedure to set up the message in QuickBooks.

Step 1 :sign in your Quick Books account Then visit Icon–>Account and Setting—>Company Setting.
Step 2 :On the left side of the menu select sales option.
Step 3 :Click on the edit option to the right of the message.
Step 4 :In Quick Books, you have the option so select the salutation and to select to whom you want to address.
Step 5 :Select sales form from the drop down menu.
Step 6 :After that, you can type the email message you would like your customer to receive.
Step 7 : Select the check-box if you want to copy all the emails to sent to customers.
Step 8 :After that click saves and then done.

I hope this article is useful for you,In case you need any help  please contact QuickBooks online Customer Service

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How to Set Up Messages in QuickBooks Online

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